Video Skype Session - Easy, Convenient, and Effective!

Skype Video Sessions can be an Effective / Convenient Alternative to office visits in some cases and can even be used in Conjunction with office visits by some Clients.

No matter where you are, if you've got a computer and Skype we can do sessions!
You don’t even have to leave the comfort / convenience, privacy of your home or office – even hotel room where you can be more casual and comfortable, even if you live or work somewhere else in the world!
For some people visits to my office may be impractical because of distance – You may live far away – even in another country and can’t afford to travel or just don’t have the time to travel to my office. Or maybe you may want to work with someone with higher levels of credentials, training, and experience than may be offered locally.

This is especially appreciated by some of my Sports Performance and Alpha Process Coaching clients who live far away (Canada, Australia, or other states in the United States, etc.) or travel for competition or business.
Also some of my clients with disabilities may find it more comfortable and practical to have sessions this way.
The purpose of offering these sessions is not to replace visits to my office, but just another convenience I offer to my clients.
Video Skype Sessions with Coach William C. Smith - Dallas, Fort Worth - or anywhere in the World!

Here’s How the Process Works:

• You’re either an already established Client who has been to my office (preferably) and want to continue sessions while You travel – or for convenience

• Or You’re a new Client – first I will provide a FREE phone consultation to answer any questions You have about my programs and to determine if this would be a good fit for helping You attain Your Goals. For the free phone consultation – call me 214-754-0021 --AFTER 10 AM Central USA time (I’m in North Texas, USA seeing clients who come from Dallas to Texoma and beyond) and before 10 PM – You’ll see the number at the bottom of this page.  You can also email me at

• If You’re NOT a Skype customer, go to and click the “Join Skype” button at the top right of the page.

• After You complete the “Join Skype” process, You will receive a confirmation email from Skype with Your new login ID and password. Then You can sign in to Your Skype user account with Your login ID and password and set up Your account preferences.

• Before Our first session, I will email You the forms for You to fill out. You can copy and paste them, fill them out, and then copy / paste them back into an email to send me for Your files. (The information You send will only be received and seen by me – Strictly Confidential.)

Payments will be made through Paypal – using a Paypal account or any major credit card at least 24 hours prior to our first Skype video session. The link to Paypal for payment will be provided by email after we have agreed to do Skype sessions. Since payments are managed through PayPal it is easy for You to pay by credit / debit card or Your Paypal account. All transactions are 100% secure! If You don't already have a Paypal account, You'll need to set one up by going to

• We will schedule our Skype appointment and we will test the setup to make sure the equipment is working properly before proceeding with the appointment.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
Either a desktop or laptop computer with a fast internet connection

• Have Skype downloaded and ready to use (if You don’t have this, it’s easy to obtain)

• A webcam (most new computers have them installed) -- I need to be able to see You during Our session for best results – it’s hard to hear a nod!

• I recommend a comfortable headset, but You can also use a speaker installed on Your computer

• A comfortable desk chair or other chair that will support Your body and head comfortably and safely

• A room / location where You will not be disturbed during Our session (usually around 45 minutes to one hour)

• And most importantly – Your full attention, cooperation, and a powerful desire to make the changes We’re working on!
Additional Information:

• Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday from Noon to 10 PM Central USA time

• In case it is necessary to cancel or change an appointment, just like in my office, a 24 hour notice is required – otherwise the session will be counted as used. REMEMBER appointments are scheduled in Central time USA – if You want to know what time it is here, look at the date and time at the top of this page.

• If You have any questions or would like to discuss how we can work together, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or call me I don’t send / receive texts!

• For information about Skype, go to their website

• In case of equipment failure which can sometimes happen when we’re relying on technology – we will both make an attempt to reconnect immediately. If for some reason this doesn’t work, the time remaining in Your session will be credited to Your next session when we are able to reconnect and reschedule.

• If You have not used Paypal before, it will be necessary for You to complete a one time information form with them. Go to and then to their “signup” link at the top of the page. I will not have access to Your information. When You make a payment, I will be notified by email. Any questions regarding the Paypal system should be directed to

Now - Call me and let’s discuss how I can help YOU and we will determine if this is a program we want to participate in together.

And if you haven’t already, get Skype video set up on Your computer.

And for those of You who are “technophobes” – it’s not difficult. I figured out how to use it and You can too. And I really enjoy visiting with colleagues, friends, and clients all over the world!




Video Skype Sessions for Sports Performance, Business Coaching, Alpha Process Coaching, Ericksonian Hypnosis / NLP